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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The Climate Project is our category design, branding and storytelling practice dedicated to transformative climate tech companies reinventing the world from the atom up



We translate the vision and science behind the world's leading climate tech companies into a Category of One and a Brand that can own it through strategy, storytelling, design and craft.

Our first Climate Project Cohort include leading climate tech companies with founders from MIT, Stanford, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Harvard Wyss Institute, CalTech and backed by leading climate investors.

cohort one

Edison Award 2023

One of five companies to represent the United States at COP27

Times Invention of the Year, 2022

BNEF Pioneers 2021

FastCompany Most Innovative, 2021

FastCompany Most Innovative, 2022

One of four companies to represent the United States at COP27

In development





who we are

We are Venture Creatives, we invest in climate tech companies with our creative capital. As strategists, futurists, artists and commercial creatives, our team brings decades of experience working with the world's most valuable and culturally significant brands—Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Verizon (to name a few) to the new category creators emerging today to solve climate change. We’ve done everything from branding and campaign work to product design and innovation, picking up a few (hundred) prestigious awards along the way including Cannes Lions Gold & Titanium, Clio Awards and One Show Gold Pencils.


the OH WAY

We are fascinated by the power of Brand to move markets and shape culture. We work from a theory of Brand-as-medium that is rooted in category creation, archetypal embodiment and aesthetic storytelling.

Our process is part modern futures work, part modern branding and part spiritual journey. We work outside traditional corporate and commercial art processes. The Work is guided by our beliefs and guiding principles.

  • The future isn't predicted it is created

  • Information first enters the heart

  • We believe in the power of Brand to shift culture and move markets

  • Brand is not a logo or a tagline, it is a way forward, it is reality engineering. A medium for incepting new ideas, manifesting new realities, and influencing social norms

  • The role of Brands has evolved from agent of consumerism to catalyst for a new climate consciousness and culture

  • Categories are not created, they are named (And claimed)

  • Climate means business

  • This isn't sustainability as usual, this is transformation at the atomic scale

  • The future isn't predicted, its created, and it starts with an origin story

  • The story is about what is on the other side of now, and how science x culture gets us there

  • The world is made of stories, not atoms

  • We imagine new stories, new norms, new ideas that permeate the consciousness in the future we are creating

  • Reality is a story we manifest through the story of our collective intentions, embodied in thoughts, feelings and actions


Let's reinvent the world.



















Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The future of work is play.

inner worlds / outer states

outer worlds / inner states

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