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A World Made from Air

Updated: May 1, 2023

Welcome to the Carbon Revolution

While carbon capture, storage and utilization (CCU) get most of the attention, carbon transformation is the most critical climate strategy we need now.

Carbon transformation is turning CO2 into chemicals, materials and fuels that today are made from refining fossil fuels. It's made possible by new electrochemical technology that splits CO2 into CO, oxygen and water.

We talk of the "energy" transition, but the truth is the elimination of fossil fuels is about more than energy. It's materials and compounds that go into making (just about) everything, including pharma and food.

We can make the same products and fuels from air that today is made from oil.

The truth is, brands have more power than we realize to de-fossilize global supply chains by partnering with a new generation of industrial-scale climate tech companies.

It's about deeply transforming products and supply chains at the molecular level. It means partnering with climate tech companies who have real solutions today that can eliminate the need for fossil fuels in materials, fuels, critical molecular compounds (aka chemicals), building materials, energy systems and food systems.

We realized this isn't sustainability as usual, this was about transforming business at the molecular level.

The scale of this impact can't be overstated.

Beyond sustainability measures, a new reality awaits on the other side of #climatetransformation / #carbontransformation.

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