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A Planet in Balance

Project: Arbor

Category of One: The planetary renewal company

Archetype: Caregiver

This is the story of rockets for Earth and planetary caretakers. It's about operating from the heart with visions of a solar punk future in tune with nature's intelligence and beauty. It's how about how the same technology that can take us to Mars and beyond can also be used to save life here on Earth. We can restore and renew our planet with biomimetic technology that works in harmony with nature's natural rhythmns to create waste-free, fossil-free, negative-emissions clean energy. Founded by a team of former Space X scientists and engineers, Arbor is on a mission to help build a truly sustainable civilization in tune ecology and the greater biorhytms of our planet.



here we stand

at this bright horizon

the thin veil that lies between us and the future

called to be the caretakers of this planet

called to shine light upon ourselves

with open minds and brave hearts

on the other side

lush and green

kind and bright

a world in tune

a planet in balance


sound edit 1: mr. rogers theme

sound edit 2: Beasts of the Southern Wild "The Bathtub"

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