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the climate project

the climate project

the climate project

the climate project

information first enters the  heart


We are here to create a just, regenerative, harmonious new world that bears witness to the interconnectedness of all things.


a world made from air
A fossil-free future is possible,
thanks to this shiny black leaf.



We realized that we were looking at the potential for reality transformation at the molecular level, at a global scale. A true paradigm shift.

It's the quietly radical idea that we can harvest carbon peacefully from the air, instead of violently extracting it from the ground.

air water sun

What does carbon sound like? If a world made from oil sounds like grinding, pounding, cracking, aching, what does a world made from Air, Water & Sun sound like? We transposed the light spectra of carbon into sound design for this piece for Twelve. Click video to play sound.

the element of change
A love letter from carbon to us.

carbon transformation
A new category for the climate era.

the element
The element of change is in the air.
Carbon, reincarnated.

the sigil of circe
invisible worlds
fermented futures
climate cultures

Voice of Circe

Circe is a bioscience company working at the frontiers of the microbial realm, where fermentation, fats, flavor and the future collide. 



the house of taste

taste is the Moment

the Memory Maker 


tuning reality 

on the tip of your tongue 


ancient praxis

a new frequency


magic in the air

spun into gold


as above 

so below


fat for the gods

food for the soul

the future lies in the ancient art of fermentation 

handmade colored chocolate craft candies.jpg

we can make food from air in the invisible realm of the microbial world

Image by Jack Dong

technology alone cannot change the world, it takes a culture

Wonder World
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cupriavidus necator.jpeg

monuments + moments

A climate-positive future is built on a carbon-negative foundation. Brimstone is solving one of the world's most intractable climate problems, cement production, simply by changing the rock. 

a planet in balance
A planet in balance
A world in tune

Edit 1: OH Samples: Mr. Rogers Theme Song
Edit 2: OH Samples: The Bathtub Song Edit

rockets for earth
The same technology that can take us to Mars can save humanity here on Earth. We are inspired by Arbor's team of inventors, scientists, engineers and caretakers who are translating their work at Space X for mission Earth.

the climate project

The Climate Project is our category design, branding and storytelling practice dedicated to transformative climate tech companies reinventing the world from the atom up.


blue shroom

origin house

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