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the other side of now



The Future does not lie in the progression of time, but in the evolution of consciousness

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Future Ontologies



The Other Side of Now is an immersive exploration of potential realities through experimental modalities, methods and mediums.  

The future is fundamentally an ontological question: it does not lie in the progression of time but in the evolution of consciousness.  


The gateway to new realities is through the unseen. Radical transmutation happens hidden from view. A seed becomes a tree, a caterpillar a butterfly. Ancestors become us, and we become them. 

What becomes visible, material, existent, experienced is the fruit of the hidden work. New worlds emerge from fundamental beliefs, behaviors, systems and norms that today are unknown. 


Imagining the future is time traveling through collective transmutation. Creating it requires moving through emotional fields and altering consciousness, harmonizing with new frequency signatures that when stabilized become experienced realities.


It is in the present moment that we find the doorway. Here we sit at the nexus of the past and the origins of the future. It is in this liminal impermanence that time and space dissolve, and visions of what lies on the other side of now leak into view. We breathe these visions into existence. 


The future is a creative act.

The Work

We Are The Origins of the Future

The Other Side of Now explores beingness as the pathway to new realities.

Inner Worlds / Outer States 

Outer States / Inner Worlds








The Way

Inquiry & Communion

Through philosophical inquiry and altered states, we explore frontiers of potential worlds. We balance working with the Mind and the Mystery. Inquiry and Communion. 

Sound & Breath 

Information first enters the heart. We breathe into vibrational fields of information, tune into harmonic visions.

Light, Color & Form

Light, color and form are basic building blocks of shared reality experiences. Exploring these fundamentals of collective consciousness, and our emotional and physical interactions with them, illuminates and potentiates new ways of being. 

Story & Immersive Experience

Reality is a story. We use storytelling and immersive experience to bring potential realities into focus, into stories that can be seen, felt and experienced.

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