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the climate project

On the other side of this bright horizon, a new world. Kind and bright. A planet in balance, a world in tune.

​The Climate Project is our category design, branding and storytelling practice dedicated to transformative climate tech companies reinventing the world from the atom up.

The Climate Project was born from our deep love for this planet and its many beings, and our fascination with emerging science focused on addressing the singular challenge of our time. 

Through The Climate Project we bring the power of brand and storytelling to companies reinventing our world. We translate the science and technology behind breakthrough climate tech companies into ideas people can believe in. Our first cohort in The Climate Project includes leading companies with founders from MIT, Stanford, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Harvard's Wyss Institute and CalTech.

Our team is deeply knowledgable and passionate about the climate tech space. We bring decades of experience working with the some of the world's most valuable brands, including Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and P&G (to name a few), to a new generation of world-changing companies.


We believe in the power of brand and story to move markets and shift culture. We've done everything from branding and innovation to iconic campaigns and Netflix documentaries, picking up a few (hundred) prestigious awards along the way including Cannes Lions Gold, Titanium and Platinum, Clios and One Show Gold Pencils.