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Das triadisches Ballett

Oskar Schlemmer, Bauhaus


reality now!

Origin House is an anti-disciplinary studio with a fundamental interest in the ontological nature of the future. 


We are a neurodiverse collective of artists, thinkers and feelers wired to see and experience the world differently. We are here to create a regenerative, harmonious, beautiful new world that bears witness to the interconnectedness of all things.


Origin House is led by founders Alisa Leonard and Patrick Stern.


Based in Brooklyn and Paris. 

orientation for the earth bound
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latest works

Our work collapses the space between perception and being, sound and study, science and story, method and inquiry, movement and design, breath and ritual, channeling and creativity. 


The Climate Project


The Climate Project is our category design, branding and storytelling practice dedicated to transformative climate tech companies reinventing the world from the atom up.


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The Other Side of Now

The Other Side of Now is an immersive exploration of potential futures through experimental modalities, methods and mediums. 

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Carbon Sound Study


What does carbon sound like? We created an album and immersive sound experience from the sounds of the carbon light spectra.


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Primal Morphogenesis


What do cheetah spots sound like? Through cymatics, the visual patterns we see in nature reveal a hidden landscape in which the deep liturgy of Nature begins to emerge. Primal Morphogenesis explores these soundscapes, transposing patterns found in the animal kingdom into immersive sonic worlds full of active intelligence and wisdom. 

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coming soon

Planetary Medicine

An Evening with Flowers


Air Water Sun

we are the origins of the future. 

the dreamers  of the dream, the memory makers.

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